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Operational unit National and International PhD Programmes

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All activities run in english.

The University of Verona opens the public selection for the admission to Ph.D. Programs, XXXI cycle, Academic Year 2015-2016. Applications must be submitted exclusively online, through the appropriate service available at here starting from April 30th, 2015 and till June 12th, 2015.
The web page of the XXXI cycle will be available soon. 
For more details about the structure and goals of the three years, please see the information below.
A typical first year starts with courses in mathematics, probability and management. Official courses usually begin at the beginning of October. Courses and participation to department seminars absorb most of the students' activity from Monday to Friday. The academic year has three terms. After two terms of core courses, the third term offers electives intensive courses in each institution. Exam sessions are scheduled at the end of each term: i.e.: December, March and June. Students are encouraged to attend summer schools in their subjects of election during the summer months.
Second year students attend a first semester of courses in residence. Usually, second year students leave for a period of research and study in a foreign institution. The choice of the institution where students spend their time abroad is made by the School, and it is based on students' input and on the relative rankings.
Third year students are entirely devoted to their doctoral thesis, under the supervision of their advisors, chosen among the faculty of the three institutions, and participation in the activities (seminars etc.) organised by their department of affiliation.
Participation in international workshops and conferences is recommended and financially supported.
The PhD Program should be completed in three years.
Students will be supervised by an advisor, during the period dedicated to the elaboration of the doctoral thesis.
Extensions may be allowed, but no scholarship is provided during the extension period.

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