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June 27, 2017 Francesca Rossi (Brown Bag Seminar) Department Economics
June 27, 2017 Solid electrolytes, e-mobility and everything  
June 28, 2017 Sonal Yadav (University of Padua) on "Matching with Homophily" Department Economics
June 28, 2017 Seminario di presentazione RICERCA: CONTROLLI INTERNI, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE e FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE nelle PMI del Veneto Department Business Administration
June 29, 2017 Umut Turk (PhD Seminar) on "Inequality of Opportunity and Space" Department Economics
June 29, 2017 Giovanni Covi (PhD Seminar) on "The Euro Area: Policy Lessons from a Minsky/Kaleckian Approach" Department Economics
June 29, 2017 Ludovico Bullini Orlandi (PhD Seminar) on "Organizations in the Digital Transformation: essays on the impact of digital data-rich environments on organizational capabilities and performance" Department Economics
June 29, 2017 Tania Masi (PhD Seminar) on "Essays on Institutions, Natural Resources and Taxation" Department Economics
June 29, 2017 Riccardo Semeraro (PhD Seminar) on "Local Systems of Production in Late Modern and Contemporary Europe: The Case of Firearms Production in Gardone Val Trompia in a Historical-Comparative Perspective" Department Economics
June 29, 2017 Human-Computer Interaction: Evolution and Future Trend Department Computer Science
July 11, 2017 Tools for Artists - VFX Tool Development at Weta Digital Department Computer Science
September 6, 2017 Stefano Carattini (Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies) Department Economics
September 20, 2017 Stefano Pagliarani (Università di Trieste) Department Economics
September 27, 2017 Rafal Weron (Wroclaw University of Technology) on "Day-ahead electricity price forecasting with high-dimensional structures: Univariate vs. multivariate modeling frameworks" Department Economics
October 4, 2017 Stefano Schiavo (University of Trento) on "International Competition and Imperfect Markets: Firm Level Evidence from French Manufacturing Firms" Department Economics
October 9, 2017 Rigoberto Lopez (University of Cunnecticut) on "Consumer Responses to Voluntary Nutrition Labeling in the Presence of Information Spillovers" Department Economics
October 11, 2017 Federico Tamagni (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) Department Economics
October 18, 2017 Paolo Santucci de Magistris (Aarhus University) Department Economics
October 25, 2017 Cristina Salvioni (University of Chieti-Pescara) Department Economics
November 8, 2017 Eleonora Cutrini (University of Macerata) Department Economics
November 22, 2017 Matz Dahlberg (Uppsala University) Department Economics
January 24, 2018 Eberhard Feess (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) Department Economics
February 14, 2018 Vincent Rivoirard (Université Paris-Dauphine) Department Economics
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