PhD Schools

PhDs are postgraduate courses which provide specialised education and opportunities to conduct high-level research

The Research Doctorate is the third and highest level degree within the Italian university system and is equivalent, if not officially, to a Ph.D (Philosophiae Doctor) in English-speaking countries. Application for a Research Doctorate programme is made via competitive state competition. Programmes last for three years and provide an opportunity to conduct high level research at universities or within public or private bodies.

For the academic year 2014-2015 the University has established four PhD Schools (Health and Life sciences, Legal and Economic sciences, Science and Engineering, Humanities) which assembles 14 courses.

All the information about courses, research topics, methods and requirements for access to the doctorate, notices are available on the webpage of each course.

Arts and Humanities

Director Prof. Arnaldo Soldani
Contact Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato di Scienze Umanistiche
Telephone 045 802 8031 (dal martedì al giovedì) / 045 802 8609 (il venerdì e il lunedì)
Fax 045 802 8411
Site - Via San Francesco, 22 37129 Verona - Polo Zanotto - III piano - stanza 3.03 (al martedì e al giovedì dalle 10.00 alle 13.00)

Law and Economics

Director Prof. Matteo Ortino
Contact Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato di Scienze Giuridiche ed Economiche
Telephone 045 802 8609
Site Via San Francesco 22 - 37129 Verona Chiostro San Francesco - I Piano.

Life and Health Sciences

Director Prof. Pietro Minuz
Contact Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato di Scienze della Vita e della Salute
Telephone 045 802 7038
Site Policlinico G.B Rossi P.le Scuro 10 37134 Verona

Natural Sciences and Engineering

Director Prof. Gloria Menegaz
Contact Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato di Scienze Naturali e Ingegneristiche
Telephone 045 802 7026
Site Strada le Grazie 15 - 37134 Verona

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