This section contains information relating to research activities, opportunities and projects at the University of Verona.

The many facets of top level research

The advancement of knowledge is fundamental to the life of a university and the research projects of the University of Verona aim to provide opportunities for learning, innovation and planning at the highest level.

Young People and Research

A three-year research doctorate programme, for which application must be made through open public competition, is an opportunity for a student to conduct high level research.
All doctorate Programs belong to the four Doctoral Schools of macro-area.
The University provides research funds and scholarships to young graduates for research and development projects. Research funds are awarded through a public selection procedure and are intended for the completion of specific projects.

Research funding

Information regarding opportunities for research funding on a local, national, European and global level. National and European auditing and University support services for researchers.

Relationships with companies

The Liaison Office promotes collaboration with companies through projects involving new technologies, research staff and University facilities.

Places of interest

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Liaison Office

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