Introduction Graduates

After graduation

Verona University offers master’s courses with innovative content which aim to provide the high-level professional skills and knowledge required to satisfy the constantly changing demands of the world of work. Professional training courses and masterclasses offer in-depth study in specific areas for those wishing to retrain or a gain further qualifications in their chosen field. Career Training Internships, such as Tirocini Formativi Attivi and F.I.T. (Formazione Iniziale, Tirocinio) e conseguimento 24 CFU help to achieve the qualification to teach in secondary schools. The Schools of Specialisation provide high-level qualifications in the fields of health and law.

Entering the labour market

In the first twelve months following graduation graduates can complete their academic and professional training through work experience programmes in companies, public and private bodies, and professional offices, either in Italy or abroad, in order to add experience in the field to their previously acquired knowledge.

High level research

The Research Doctorate is the third and highest level degree within the Italian university system and is equivalent, albeit not officially, to a Ph.D (Philosophiae Doctor) in English-speaking countries. Application for a Research Doctorate programme is made via competitive state competition. Programmes last for three years and provide an opportunity to conduct high level research at universities or within public or private bodies. The primary objective of a Research Doctorate is to help students to acquire the skills needed to conduct scientific research independently and, through creativity and a rigorous methodology, to develop innovative products and processes which can be applied in both the public and private sectors. The University has seven PhD Schools and participates in three joint university PhD Schools in collaboration with the Universities of Padua, Venice Ca’ Foscari and IUAV Venice.

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